State Senate Won’t Waste Its Important Time Discussing Foie Gras

Enemy of the state?
Enemy of the state?Photo: Jason Hutchens via Flickr

Apparently, California state senators aren’t as impressed by big name chefs as we are. Following Monday’s news that 100 chefs, including heavyweights like Thomas Keller, Joachim Splichal, Traci Des Jardins, Tyler Florence, Michael Cimarusti, Joe Miller, and Pascal Olhats, were banding together to fight the foie gras ban, state legislators made clear yesterday that they wouldn’t consider repealing the forthcoming law, which was set in stone nearly eight years ago. Apparently, the bill has no sponsor within the legislative body willing to introduce it. Casting doubt over an early repeal, Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg tells the media, “I’m not going to allow an issue like that to preoccupy the Legislature.” Here’s betting that dude chased his statement with a mayonnaise sandwich on Wonder Bread for dinner. [Washington Post]