Bier Beisl Benefits Biggies in July

Mairinger, no doubt wondering how the weather is "down there"
Mairinger, no doubt wondering how the weather is "down there"Photo: Bier Beisl

Finally, a restaurant promotion seemingly engineered just for tall guy/WWII enthusiast Kareem Abdul-Jabbar! Through the month of July, Beverly Hills’ authentic Austrian restaurant, BierBeisl, will offer a free meal consisting of an entree and dessert to anyone who is taller than its chef and co-owner, Bernhard Mairinger, standing in the clouds at 6’7”. The restaurant will actually make you take off your socks to measure you, rather than just make you stand back-to-back with Mairinger or simply eyeball it. Somewhere, C.J. Jacobson is rubbing his belly in anticipation, while the rest of us can only look forward to that inevitable commenter guy whose mission in life is to decry such “blatant discrimination” in restaurant promotions.