Smoked Out by a Hot-Dog Cart

Lotta trouble from a little tubesteak.
Lotta trouble from a little tubesteak. Photo: iStockphoto

It’s shaping up to be kind of a bad week for hot-dog carts. The latest smear comes from Hell’s Kitchen, where the proprietors of bi-level suds emporium Beer Authority are claiming a cart parked just outside their entrance produces so much smoke it’s driving customers away. “Nobody wants to come in here because of the stink,” one of the owners told DNAinfo. The team has tried contacting the DEP, DOH, NYPD, 311, and other bodies in hopes of getting help, to no avail. And they can’t even figure out who owns the cart in order to tell him off. Clearly, somebody needs to get creative. Maybe the hot-dog hooker wants to set up instead? [DNAinfo]