Ariyoshi Izakaya and Sushi Overtakes Ngoma on Wilshire

Ariyoshi Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Mid-Wilshire’s pan-African Ngoma, which later became Lagos, closed despite some encouraging feedback from African ex-pats. The restaurant simply failed to bring in much of an outside crowd, which wasn’t helped by being open only five days a week. Given our civic allegiance to sushi, a much more economically sensible venture would certainly be Ariyoshi, the new Japanese concept planning to open up in Ngoma’s old home early next month. This new neighbor to the Conga Room will focus on sushi (but is not related to the East Coast outlets of the same name) and will also serve as a Japanese cafe and izakaya serving small plates and cooked dishes upon opening.

Ariyoshi, 5358 Wilshire Blvd. Mid City.