Grub Street Editor Alyssa Shelasky Wrote a Great New Book, and It᾿s Out Today

Alyssa often stands on counters while she's blogging, too.
Alyssa often stands on counters while she's blogging, too.Photo: Random House

Close readers will notice one byline has been absent from Grub Street this week: That’s because our own Alyssa Shelasky is taking a quick break from the blogging grind to release her brand-new memoir, Apron Anxiety, which, coincidentally, can be purchased right this second.

The book’s got some of Alyssa’s favorite recipes, tales of sex and cooking, some inadvertent tripe-ordering that doesn’t end well, and one famous chef’s advice on dating restaurant workers: “The only way to keep a chef happy is to keep his cock happy.” (Chefs can be so crude.)

So yes, of course we’re going to recommend it — we look after our own here at Grub — but hey, even Entertainment Weekly calls it “a zesty read about dating, family, and self-discovery.”