Anthony Bourdain Is Team Angry Bobby Flay, Feels Ruth Bourdain Has ‘Lost Gas’

"I hate to say it but RuthBourdain has lost gas." Photo: Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Last night at GQ’s Alan Richman roast at Le Bernardin, Grub Street sat down with master-roaster Anthony Bourdain who, like many of us, feels that imaginary "RuthBourdain" and her five minutes on Twitter may be over, especially with parody "AngryBFlay" (Angry Bobby Flay) on her tail. "I gotta say, AngryBFlay has really come on strong. I put my money on AngryBFlay lately. I hate to say it but RuthBourdain has lost gas … " His favorite AngryBFlay moment? "Complaining about the holes in cheese as wasted real estate." But to Bourdain, the best part about the existence of a fake Flay is "the anger and the bitterness and the fact that a lot of people believed it was actually Bobby."