Andy Cohen Once Operated a Pushcart, Waited Tables on Boylston Street


Andy Cohen wasn’t always Bravo’s charismatic cat-fight referee. It was a long climb to the top—a climb that began with days spent behind a pushcart filled with Deadhead gear at Fanueil Hall and nights spent at Allston’s Sunset Grill.

In honor of his new memoir, Most Talkative: Stories from the Front Lines of Pop Culture, the Herald traces Cohen’s past, which includes partying at Fathers Too, Our House, and the Sunset Grill. (Would Tom Colicchio approve?) He was also a regular at Chaps gay dance club, which isn’t around anymore.

Cohen worked hard for his money: In addition to his pushcart career, he was a waiter on Boylston Street. And we’re sure he was one of those guys who sat down and became BBFFs with each table.

How Andy Cohen Got Real in Boston [Herald]

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