Amy Sacco, Bungalow Name Eighty-Sixed From LDV Hospitality’s Plans for the XL Space

No Amy Sacco in my backyard, said CB4.

Dreams of a Bungalow 8 return have hit a huge snag. The Post has it that Community Board 4 has prevented LDV Hospitality (upon threat of liquor-license difficulties) from involving Sacco or using the "Bungalow" name in their redo of the former XL space at 357 West 16th, next to the Dream Downtown. So now LDV, best known for Scarpetta, needs a new concept for that space, probably not one involving cosmos. Bungalow nostalgists needn't despair completely, however: Since LDV bought the concept and name from Sacco, they may well resurrect it somewhere else — if any neighborhood in the city will let them. [Page Six/NYP]