First Signs of Partying at #8 Include Illicit Amy Sacco Sighting


Despite Community Board 4's requirement that the new owners of the forthcoming Bungalow 8 spinoff at 357 West 16th agree to not use the name "Bungalow 8" or "Bungalow" in conjunction with the endeavor, or even so much as exchange emoticons with Amy Sacco, the first preopening report suggests the lady is very much in the house. Writing "Sacco quietly returned to NYC’s nightlife scene on Tuesday night" like it was the first line of a storybook, the Daily News cites a "spy" who saw Sacco on the scene. She "cracked open the doors," and was even subsequently tweeted thank-yous from gracious (and partied-out) bigwigs! There's a book here, maybe a kid detective novel. "Amy Sacco and the Mystery of the Secret Bungalow," anyone? [NYDN, Earlier]