Algonquin Angling for a New Round Table

Sloane Crosley's new hang?
Sloane Crosley's new hang? Photo: Courtesy the Algonquin

Last time we wrote about the revamped Algonquin, we joked about neo Round Tables. Well, that’s a matter the hotel is serious about, as the Post reports: In honor of the May 23 reopening (and in conjunction with Book Week), the Algonquin will host a private round table on June 4 with Simon Doonan, Junot Diaz, Elizabeth Gilbert, and John Hodgeman. The hotel is hoping to attract hip literary types in general, writes the NYP — perhaps they can offer free whiskey to any published author in order to lure them from Park Slope or Greenpoint? And old-timers are mad that the Oak Room cabaret night isn’t slated to be resurrected (Blue Bar’s renovation encroached some into the Oak Room’s space). However, Matilda the cat will be roaming as usual, so that’s one piece of good news. [NYP]