Adam Platt on NoMad; Uncorking the Biggest Wine Hoax in History

NoMad's library.
NoMad's library. Photo: Danny Kim/New York Magazine

In this week’s New York, Adam Platt visits NoMad, the “posh, coolly impersonal new restaurant” from Eleven Madison Park’s Daniel Humm and Will Guidara. The sprawling restaurant hosts “a hodgepodge of styles under one roof” including the Library, the Atrium, and the plush Parlour. Skip the snacks and move straight to fare like “a flawlessly executed egg appetizer (poached over a bed of quinoa and Parmesan)”; or the chicken for two: “pre-carved, with deposits of foie gras-rich brioche inserted under the crackly skin.” However, “there’s a vague assembly-line feel to the proceedings that is compounded by the prices.” These are high enough to dock the place a star; NoMad receives a two-spot.

Meanwhile, Benjamin Wallace delves into the biggest wine hoax in history, which took place right under the noses of a number of seasoned collectors. Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld get the details about Terroir’s outpost on the High Line. And Katie O’Donnell of Frankies 570 Spuntino shares her recipe for non-fishy bluefish crostini.