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Momofuku Milk Bar Coming to Montauk; Aldea Celebrating Portugal Day

• Just in time for summer, Momofuku Milk Bar plans to open an all-new sixth location in Montauk with a menu set to include staples like iced coffee, crack pies, and slushies. “MomoMontuak” will be the chain’s first spot outside the city. [Eater]

• The embittered feud between street-food vendors and Bay Ridge restaurateurs continues to get ugly. Halal cart operators have lawyered up in reaction to alleged racial harassment from Fifth Avenue restaurant owners and the NYPD, a city councilman, and Small Business Services have all been dragged into the fray. [NYDN]

• The Polenta-palooza has come to Osteria il Paiolo and will stick around until Thursday. Based on northern Italian traditions, this polenta festival has the Williamsburg restaurant offering polenta tasting flights, a brand new polenta creation, and their signature "paiolo" dish at affordable prices. [Grub Street]

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Drinks in Plants: Good Idea, or Showmanship Gone Too Far?

How preee-tty!

The downright flowery drink pictured here debuted today at London's Artesian Bar. It's being served for the next two weeks in honor of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, which begins tomorrow. Called the Feed Me Seymour Best in Show, it's the creation of bartender (and newly announced Tales of the Cocktail International Bartender of the Year finalist) Alex Kratena, and is made from jasmine-infused dry sherry, Japanese plum and shochu liqueur, mandarin bitters, orange flower water, and simple syrup. Oh and did we mention that cup that it's in? It's a "carniverous cousin to the Venus Flytrap." We'd advise drinking it with a straw. [Food Arts]

The Obamas’ Latest Plot to Destroy America: Healthy Recipes

Plotting....Photo: Getty Images

We all know that the Obamas — especially Michelle — have a secret agenda: Force Americans to eat the elitist food that they themselves eat by pointing out that vegetables are "healthier" than super-sized bags of Doritos or Big Gulps or whatever the hell else it is that real Americans want to eat. (Just watch as Barack Obama forces himself to stomach disgusting-looking food in an effort to connect with John Q. Fatass.) Anyway, now FLOTUS's Let's Move campaign is asking America's children to send in healthy recipes, all under the guise of a "contest." Winners will get a trip to Washington, D.C., where the democrats will no doubt pump the kids' poor, unformed brains full of anti-American rhetoric. Ah, not really. It sounds fun, and totally harmless, but we're sure someone will take issue with this. Just remember: "No unsupervised knife tasks or cooking over open flame." Raw foodists, this is your moment! [The Healthy Lunchtime Challenge via Diner's Journal/NYT]

You Can Wear Them Ironically, We Guess

If you take your sartorial cues from Domino's, we have got some good news for you: That beautiful tee you see in the pic is the Pizza Shirt. Practically bubbles right off the cotton, doesn't it? This fetching number is on sale for a mere $29.95 from today until May 24, a small price to pay for clothing that promises job promotions and "exotic romantic partners." Lady Gaga's meat dress has got nothing on this. [PizzaShirt]

More Teens Have Type 2 Diabetes; Gila Monsters Are the Answer

A new report brings the not-great news that a "nationally representative sampling" of young Americans between the ages of 12 and 19 have dramatically higher odds of developing type 2 diabetes than the same age bracket did eight years before that, the Times reports. (You know how kids are these days: They see one celebrity chef on TV with diabetes and suddenly they all have to have it.) Researchers point out the study's data, published today in the journal Pediatrics, is subject to interpretation; nonetheless, the number of children who tested positive for diabetes in a sampling from 2007-8 was just about three times the amount of positives from a similar sampling in 1999-00. On the unmitigated side of things, the data suggests teenage obesity rates did not increase during the same time period. Over at Motherboard, however, may be the best diabetes and obesity news of the day: Gila monster saliva, it seems, holds the key to successful blood-glucose regulation, and a form of synthetic drool may turn out to be some kind of shady new next-gen wonder drug. [Well/NYT, Motherboard]

There᾿s a Run on Trader Joe’s Kosher Chocolate Chips

We didn't know it, but Trader Joe's pareve chocolate chips are quite the star of the Kosher baking world — and now they're being discontinued. This is causing something of a frenzy, as the Jew & the Carrot writes. Customers are jostling for the last of the supply, with some people loading up on 30 bags at a time. An employee at the 72nd Street store told the blog that supplies sold out two days in a row before the grocer even opened, thanks to frantic customer phone calls. Now ten-bag limits have been put in place, but they're not necessarily being enforced. Everyone breathe, and please stay better behaved than the people at that fried-chicken event at Extra Mooga — we'd hate to see any more fistfights this week. [Jew & the Carrot/Forward]

‘Stealth’ Starbucks Will Serve Beer and Wine Inside Renovated Macy’s

Maybe, but not necessarily, a Starbucks.Photo: Chelsea Hicks/Flickr

The second floor of Macy's Herald Square flagship on its Broadway side is currently closed off to customers. Massive renovations are underway throughout the department store, and now it seems that Macy's is going to be the home of New York City's very first so-called "non-branded" Starbucks coffee shop. What is a non-branded Starbucks, you may ask, and what does all this mean for the future of humanity?

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Meat Substitutes: Tempeh-Based Salmonella Sickens 80

"Don't blame us."

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Eric Schlosser and Michael Pollan, it’s that there is certainly nothing pretty about meat processing. Images of crowded feed lots, filthy kill floors, and diseased livestock take much of the pleasure out of eating meat for many of us. But if you think you’re safe eating your faux meats, you’d better think again! In North Carolina, more than 80 people have been sickened with salmonella and they didn’t get it from eating cheeseburgers or pork chops. The culprit is the meatless wonder tempeh.

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Shuna Lydon Paints a New One in the East Village

She peeled from Peels about a month ago, and over the weekend the talented pastry chef Shuna Lydon took to Twitter to announce she was "painting a new restaurant" in the East Village. Lydon will not name or divulge her level of involvement at the new place just yet. The forensics team here at Grub Street, however, has come up with a very possible match for the mystery spot. Click here for the clue, or here for the answer. [@shunafish / Twitter, Earlier]

What You Missed at GoogaMooga

We'd love to tell you that this past weekend's GoogaMooga went off without a hitch — our mother ship, New York Magazine, was a sponsor, after all. But anyone who went, or checked out Twitter, knows that the festival had its share of hiccups. Long lines, short food supplies, and even one noteworthy fried-chicken fistfight combined to give festivalgoers plenty to gripe about. Festival co-founder Rick Farman: "Of course, we know there were problems and we have apologized to any frustrated festival goers. We'll improve. First year, always a lot to learn." And to be fair, Sunday went a lot more smoothly than Saturday. But with all that said, the ambitious-if-flawed festival did have its share of bright spots and great food (when you could find them). So, in that spirit of positive thinking, we've rounded up plenty of moments from both days, which you can check out straight ahead, without the potential threat of water shortages and swinging fists.

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Michel Richard Delays NYC Debut to 2013, Looks for Downtown Location

He doesn't seem too upset about the delay.

Back in February, Grub Street told you that Michel Richard would soon be making his big New York debut with a location of his popular Central bistros. So, when we caught up with the D.C. chef at the Revel Resorts Food & Wine festival this past weekend, we checked in to see how things were going.

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MTA on Track to Open Two New Restaurants in Grand Central Terminal

Pan roast, you're getting new neighbors.

In a move designed to maximize square-footage during these cash-strapped days, the MTA is looking to fill two under-utilized spaces in Grand Central terminal with a not only a "farm-to-table concept," but also a Balthazar-esque bistro. According to Crain's, the call for proposals will commence this month for the two "never-before-available" spaces inside the hub, which include a 12,000-square-foot portion of the Beaux Arts–style Vanderbilt Hall; another 5,000-square-foot space is used currently as a police locker room.

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30 Rock’s Scott Adsit and John Lutz Are All About Chicago-Style Pizza

Poor, misguided souls.Photo: PAUL BRUINOOGE/Patrick McMullan

Anybody familiar with Chicago-style deep-dish pizza knows that it is "pizza" in name only. In reality, it's more like some kind of crusty, saucy, pizza-flavored casserole-quiche hybrid. That's not just New York homerism speaking; it is the objective truth. We're not saying it's bad; we're just saying it ain't really pizza. And yet at this past weekend's Story Pirates benefit event, former Chicagoans and current 30 Rock cast members Scott Adsit and John Lutz each told Grub Street that it is superior to New York — a.k.a real, actual, honest-to-God — pizza.

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Adam Platt on La Vara, Gwynnett Street; Where to Drink 2012

La Vara.Photo: Danny Kim

In this week's New York, Adam Platt checks out two Brooklyn newcomers, La Vara and Gwynnett Street. At the former, husband-wife proprietors Alex Raij and Eder Montero (El Quinto Pino, Txikito) "see Brooklyn less as a refuge or escape than as a promising market for their particular brand of casually elegant (i.e., Brooklyn-style) gourmet cuisine." Here they address "the intertwining influences of Moorish and Jewish recipes on classic Spanish cuisine," with dishes like Gibraltar chicken hearts, "soft, perfectly sizzled lamb’s breast," and "the tricky ­Valencian noodle paella dish fideĂșa"; our critic doles out two stars.

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Study Confirms That Organic-Food Lovers Are Self-Righteous Jerks

A recent study confirms what we already kind of suspected: People who insist on eating only organic food are a bunch of self-righteous jerks, says Time. Researchers found that subjects exposed to organic fruits and veggies instead of brownies were more judgmental about moral situations and less likely to help strangers, since apparently they felt they'd fulfilled their good-deed quota for the day by choosing organic. But the most important takeaway here: Brownies make you a nicer person. Bring 'em on. [Time]

New York City Wine & Food Fest Announces 2012 Details

Kicking off October 12.

This year's NYC Wine & Food Festival, sponsored by Food Network and presented by Food & Wine (so many sponsors!), won't happen until October, and tickets won't go on sale until June 25, but organizers are already getting a jump and announcing details. It will be the fifth year for the fest's New York iteration, and the whole thing kicks off on October 11*. Other highlights: the return of Giada De Laurentiis's Meatball Madness; Rachael Ray's Burger Bash; a "dinner to end all dinners" featuring Nathan Mhyrvold, Mads Refslund, and Alex Stupak; and a roast of Anthony Bourdain, hosted by Mario Batali. We guess roasts are the big new thing these days. You can head over to the festival's official site for a full lineup, and check out the complete release below.

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