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D.J. Brunch at the Bedford; Rockaway Beach Club Opens for Summer

• Uncertainty is adrift on the liveliness of Lotus of Siam. Not much activity has been fluttering around the Thai institution since Vegas duo Bill and Saipin Chutima’s left their New York location behind, although an official closing has not been announced. [Eater NY]

• If you're not going to the Great GoogaMooga this weekend, how about a tasting-table-style music brunch? Gerald Hammil of Other Music specializes in rare, underground, experimental music and will curate live D.J. programs this Sunday at the Bedford. Newly appointed chef Jason Michael Giordano will serve up worldly market-driven specialties — including Nutella-and-currant-jelly French-toast fritters. [Grub Street]

Lantern’s Keep has made the top ten hotel-bar finalists for the Tales of the Cocktail 2012 Spirited Awards. Big congrats. [Grub Street]

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Chicken Tikka Masala With Floyd Cardoz

Watch the executive chef of North End Grill, Top Chef Masters winner, and Danny Meyer's lucky charm excite his many fans and prepare the popular British-inspired dish done his way over at the New York Culinary Experience.

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Sofia Vergara Danced on Chairs at Beauty & Essex; Bono Celebrated at Marea

Bono celebrated his daughter's graduation.

Sofia Vergara continued to live la vida single this week, dancing on chairs at a Gloria Gaynor fête with sixteen girlfriends. This and more in our weekly roundup of celebrity dining.

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New Weight-Loss Strategy: Just Starve Yourself for Sixteen Hours Every Day

How our clocks look after sixteen hours of fasting.

Finally, science is figuring out how we're going to shrink our guts and end the nation's obesity epidemic: We simply have to stop eating for sixteen hours at a time, every day, for the rest of our lives. The approach really seems to be working for mice, anyway. A new study by the Salk Institute finds that mice restricted to eating a high-calorie diet only during an active eight-hour period, then refused food during the rest of the day, are nearly as trim as a sample of mice kept on a low-calorie, low-fat diet. (A third group of mice could eat whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted, and they quickly became a bunch of fatasses.) "We have to come up with something that is a simple alternative to calorie counting," the study's lead biologist tells the L.A. Times. And while starving ourselves is easier than counting calories, it's also idiotic.

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Do Bad Restaurant Reviews Really Make Readers Feel Good?

"You start your Sunday morning reading a terrible review of somebody’s restaurant and as long as you’re not the chef’s mother, you’re probably going to feel slightly better for the rest of the day,” —Identity-theft victim Jay Rayner on the subject of being a restaurant critic, 50 years after the New York Times published its first restaurant review. [CNN]

Watch Brooks Headley Drum Up Some Sweet Grilled Eggplant

Former rocker-drummer and world-acclaimed pastry chef at Del Posto, Brooks Headley had some mind-bending fun at the New York Culinary Experience when he made a savory dessert featuring ... grilled eggplant. Watch the bad-ass master do his thing, and get ready to crave some chocolate-studded aubergine.

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Enraged Restaurant Landlord Resorts to Grease Flooding, Denies ‘Ogre’ Behavior

The chef, in happier times.Photo: Daily Telegraph

This is slimy: In Cornwall, England, a jilted landlord tried to flood a restaurant with grease to get revenge on his chef tenant. The chef in question is Michelin winner Kevin Viner, a tabloid fixture in Britain for his "celebrity lifestyle" and charismatic ways. Apparently the once-jolly Viner had long feared his loose-canon landlord, Eric Randle: "I was crying all the time. I was in a state. I had put my whole future into the restaurant. I am a reputable chef and my life has been destroyed."

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Sneak Peek at the Lakes, Now Pouring Craft Beer in Williamsburg

It's Lake blue.Photo: Brad Cohen

Owners of Brooklyn Public House in Fort Greene had an impromptu opening last night for their new venture in Williamsburg. Located at 51 Kent on the corner of North 11th, the Lakes fills a big, dry gap in this mostly vacant stretch of pavement along the East River. The bar will be open Thursday through Sunday for the time being, with plans for a full opening in the coming weeks.

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Mission Chinese Food Opens NYC Outpost Tuesday

It's almost ready.

It's almost here: FloFab has it that San Francisco cult fave Mission Chinese Food will open Tuesday at 154 Orchard Street on the LES. Like spring's other big Asian import, Pok Pok Ny, Mission won't take reservations for tables — only for the twelve seats at the bar. As it does in San Fran, the restaurant will donate 75 cents from each dish to charity; here it's the Food Bank of New York City (see S.F.'s menu here to get an idea of what will be served). Mission will be dinner only to start, adding lunch and drinks a bit later on, and it will be, quirkily, closed Wednesdays. Get ready. [Diner's Journal/NYT, Earlier]

John Cusack Convinced Andrew Carmellini to Start Juicing

He says hi to Josh Capon.

Serious Eats goes on a Soho eating binge with Andrew Carmellini, where they start at Dominique Ansel and end at Milady's, with a lot of food and scoop in between. Over at Melvin's Juice Bar, Carmellini says he was was iffy about the au courant juice obsession, "until John Cusack was staying at The Greenwich Hotel where he brought his juicer and started juicing for me. He made this pear-kale juice and it was then, then I started to understand." Yup, Carm can say anything and we'll listen. [Serious Eats]

Paula Deen’s Fans ‘Couldn’t Spell Her Last Name,’ Says Bourdain

After roasting Richman and talking Angry Bobby Flay to Grub, Anthony Bourdain just couldn't bite his tongue when "Page Six" asked him about his famous feuds with Sandra Lee — “I don’t think much of her cooking, but a tough lady ... impressive, and I think, scary woman ... I don’t want to get audited." And of course, Paula Deen, and the only thing worse than Paula Deen, her hate-mailing fans: “Most of them couldn’t spell her last name. It’s only four letters in it. It’s scary. I’ve saved some of the mail in case I go missing.” [Page Six/NYP]

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Searching for a New Hang in a Post-Elaine’s World

When you can't go home again.

Peter Khoury files a yearning piece in the Times about his quest to find a new roost in the year since Elaine's shuttered. "Like dozens of other people, I am part of the Elaine’s diaspora," he writes. Trying out other restaurants and bars has been "a sort of speed dating." And he's been getting around, dropping into Donahue's, Campagnola, Nicola's, Sardi's, "a hideaway bar in Midtown that shuns publicity and has a great Côtes du Rhône," and finally settling on Neary's as a sort of replacement. But it's not the same. "After one year in the post-Elaine’s world, I can say that for me there is still no place that makes up for the loss of Elaine’s, and there might never be." [NYT]

We Have a Winner in Our ExtraMooga Giveaway

Yesterday we offered a pair of passes for this weekend's ExtraMooga to the commenter with the most debaucherous concertgoing experience. Some of you let us down (Hanson?!) and many of you did a lot of puking (keep it together, Grub readers). While getting hit in the face by a guitar during a Peelander-Z show impressed us, as did hiding out in a bathroom stall for hours to see Gunther, ultimately, kid_a's tale of accidentally consuming not one but three LSD-laced grilled cheese sandwiches at an Allman Brothers concert captured the win. What can we say? We are a food blog. Congratulations, kid_a, we'll be in touch. For the rest of you, ExtraMooga tickets are still available here.

Grocery Chain Safeway Is in Double Trouble This Week

Safeway is in the process of cleaning up two aisles of shit-storm after a butcher was fired, rather than admired, for saving a pregnant woman from being kicked in the stomach — a backwards move that customers across the country are vociferously outraged by. Then, at Safeway’s annual shareholder meeting, senior vice-president and general counsel Robert Gordon made a stupid and offensive joke that equated Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi to "hogs," and now he's on the express line to demotion. [Slate]

Liza Queen Opening Potlikker Today

In the four years since Liza Queen closed her idiosyncratic Greenpoint restaurant, the Queen’s Hideaway, nobody has quite managed to fill her quirky locavore shoes. She brings a similarly rootsy regional sensibility to Potlikker, now in soft-open mode for diner-style lunch, with a more ambitious preview dinner menu launching May 25 (both are being offered at a 25 percent discount), and the official opening slated for June 1. Named for the brothy remains of cooking collards or other sturdy greens, Potlikker is devoted to decidedly American fare, often with what the chef calls “rural and working class roots”: New England boiled dinner, say, a meatloaf sandwich on a Parker House roll, or St. Louis pork ribs with cornbread upside-down cake.

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Author Peter Kaminsky Is a Sucker for Restaurants That Play the Band

Kaminsky, in the center of the "Brooklyn food explosion."Photo: Melissa Hom

Peter Kaminsky is a food writer whose job has taken its toll on his body. Between stints at our own New York Magazine and Food & Wine, Kaminsky "put on a good 30 pounds." And, he adds, "my blood-sugar was high, I was borderline diabetic. My life insurance was rejected and I was told I had to lose weight, that I had to try." Hence his newest book, Culinary Intelligence: The Art of Eating Healthy (and Really Well). "People have had their minds blown by food enough that it’s not simply the fireworks of the richest ingredients. I think people are a little more discerning and sophisticated, and take their pleasures in more zen ways." So we signed Kaminsky up for this week's New York Diet to put him to the test, to see if he could really eat healthy in a way that's also delicious — that's the whole point of his book, after all. Read on for tales of rooftop grilling, dinner with Danny Meyer, and a fishing trip gone awry thanks to Barack Obama.

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Good Mood Food: Teen Finds a Finger in Arby’s Sandwich

A 14-year-old boy from Michigan found a finger in his Arby’s roast beef sandwich. According to Yahoo, a restaurant employee cut her finger off with a meat slicer. She left her station to deal with the injury without telling her co-workers, who continued to prepare orders.

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