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Rosé Season Begins at Brix Wine Shop; Mother’s Day Additions to Downtown Favorites

• On Saturday, executive chef Lawrence Knapp ofthe Hurricane Club will host a hands-on cooking class as part of De Gustibus Cooking School's on-location series. From 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., students will learn how to make modern Polynesian cuisine before enjoying a spectacular seated lunch with paired wines. Tickets are $245 per class and can be can be purchased by calling (212) 239-1652 or visiting [Grub Street]

• Michael "Bao" Huynh’s Mickey’s Burger in Gramercy closed last week. Though no replacement has officially been announced, fans of the decadent namesake burger can expect another Bao concept to take its place. [Eater NY]

• If you're into the pig, check out Chow's new food-porny video of Bar Covo's grilled heritage pork chops and cauliflower steaks. [Chow/NY1]

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Todd English Is So Over the Concept of ‘Meals’

"I find more people want to eat a little less. My generation, we're all watching our figures ... They want to go to the bar and eat a few snacks, have a couple of cocktails or glasses of wine, and go home. People don't sit down at the table and have a whole three or four courses." —Todd English, who clearly won't be one of the 50 percent of Americans battling obesity by 2030. [Boston Globe, Earlier]

See Rachael Ray and Lidia Bastianich in Diapers

The Daily Meal has a cute guess-the-chef slideshow featuring top chefs and food celebrities as drooling babies and little runts ... funny enough, some of them haven't changed a bit. [The Daily Meal]

Burger Bummer: Beef About to Get More Expensive

I'll pay a king's ransom tomorrow for a burger today.

The pump isn’t the only place where you’re going to be spending more money this summer: If your summer plans involve heaping piles of burgers sizzling away on the backyard barbecue (and they should), you're going to have to shell out more of your hard-earned pay for those all-beef patties, too. And you can blame the weather.

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Mr. Chow Might Save John Travolta From Sex Allegations

He didn't do it.

A receipt from Mr. Chow in New York could save John Travolta a lot of embarrassment, as it indicates that he was far, far away from a kinky massage table in Beverly Hills at the time and date in which a masseur says that Travolta groped him. Additionally, there are photos of the actor in New York at the time, proving that this is just another case of Pulp Fiction meets penis fiction ... and also, that Travolta is a good tipper. [Daily Mail UK]

Designer Coffee, Made by Robots

Robots are concealed within.

Students at U.T. Austin can now buy coffee made by "robistas" (robot baristas), thanks to a kiosk installed recently on campus. Just think: No need to agonize over etiquette, no lines (since you can order online or on your phone), and it's pretty cheap, too — $2.80 for a basic latte. Java-heads can indicate sweetener and milk preferences and a screen flashes your name when the drink's ready, so you can still get a kick by claiming you were christened Myrtle, like we used to never did back in the day. [Singularity Hub]

Nightmare Scenarios: 5-Year-Old Girl Falls Into Sonic Grease Pit

Reminder: Grease is for food, not customers.

She'll probably grow up to be a vegan: A 5-year-old girl in Clarksville, Tennessee, is too traumatized to even pass by a Sonic Drive-In, her parents claim, after the child took a major spill into one of the chain's grease pits. Lily Clark was leaving the restaurant with her family in late April when she stumbled into a vat of grease positioned just feet from Sonic's patio, which was obscured by landscaping. Normally guarded by a cover with a "Warning" sign, the barrier was dislodged when Lily fell, plunking her into the spent cooking grease.

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Flavor Ammo: How to Cook With Your Vaporizer

Up in smoke.

Everyone has kitchen gadgets sitting around that they never use. But the flip side is that we may have other gadgets sitting around that we could use for cooking, but never do. Up until now, this column has focused on secret ingredients, but there's no reason why new techniques can't also pump up the flavor of your food. And so I started wondering if it was possible to cook with a vaporizer. As it turns out, yes, you can. And it's awesome.

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M.I.A. Takes On the Beck’s Beer Label


That M.I.A. is so multifaceted. Paper mag has it that the musician (who's also evidently a visual artist) was tapped by Beck's to design a beer label. You can see the swirly specimen at right, which practically oozes peace, love, and harmony — totally how it feels to drink beer, man. [Paper via Spin]

Pegu Club Is Feeling ‘Bitters’

Rejection was a hard pill to swallow for Audrey Saunders on Monday night, when her cocktail lounge, Pegu Club, lost a Beard to ex-employee Jim Meehan’s PDT. Sources say she was "stewing" and "bitching," and no doubt fixing herself something straight-up and dirty. [NYP]

About Half of Americans Will Be Obese by 2030

Baby got back.

Drop that honey-dipped doughnut now ... because half of us are turning into future fat-asses within the next twenty years. A new study predicts that 42 percent of Americans will be hugely rotund by 2030; but then again, "obesity forecasting" — which uses variables like unemployment rate, fast-food prices, alcohol prices, and fuel prices — isn't always on point, especially since horizontally challenged subjects tend to tell fat lies to researchers. [Slate]

Bar Henry Becomes Austin-Themed ZirZamin

Texas tacos.

It seems French spot Bar Henry has quietly morphed into something called ZirZamin, a "subterranean music parlour." Interestingly, the new place has an Austin-themed menu — the brief lineup features that Lone Star city's hits, including breakfast tacos, queso, brisket tacos, and a burger; cocktails focus on Tito's (naturally) and tequila. According to ZirZamin's Facebook page, it's open from 5:30 p.m. to 3 a.m., so we guess the egg tacos are meant for a very early breakfast. Scope out the menu below, y'all.

Menu [PDF]

ZirZamin, 90 W. Houston St., nr. W. Broadway; 646-823-9617

Artichoke Pizza Provokes Heated Debate

The pizza-makers in question.

There's nothing New York's professional eaters love to do more than deliberate on our city's best pizza (besides fight about the city's best bagels). Continuing the tradition, a frustrated, ever-opinionated Ben Leventhal says that as far as Artichoke pizza goes, he is officially, totally over it. Comparing the joint to the bad side of Shake Shack, he frowns, " ... at Artichoke the only post-game emotion is the empty feeling that you have gotten a little fatter for no good reason." Over at Slice, they beg to differ. And won't be bullied. And then grandma gets involved. [Slice/Serious Eats]

Relish the Moment: The Hot-Dog Hooker Is Free

God forbid that Tanorexic steal one minute more of her classless-attention-whore thunder — Catherine Scalia has been uncuffed and released back to her hot-dog and boob-craving customers. “I’ll be out there in my bikini top selling my hot dogs!” Scalia told press. But not for long ... she'll be back in the clink on June 16. “Come taste my onions!” she also screamed. [NYP]

Tejal Rao Debuts With Perla; Ryan Sutton Anoints Torrisi ‘New York Heaven’

On Monday, New York's Robin Raisfeld and Rob Patronite gave two stars each to two downtown sandwich spinoffs San Matteo Panuozzo and Taboonette. What did the city's crop of professional eaters think about restaurants this week? Let's take a look.

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It’s Pete Wells’s Turn to Pay Tribute to Craig Claiborne

He started all this.

We'll bring you this week's ratings from the critics shortly, but over at the Times, this month marks 50 years since Craig Claiborne's regular restaurant reviews started appearing, as Pete Wells writes. It was then that "reading the critics, eating what they had recommended, and then bragging or complaining about it ... bec[a]me a national pastime." Much like the gastro-seekers of today, the ahead-of-his-time Claiborne could be found "prowling the streets in search of Filipino, Armenian, Lebanese, Mexican, Hungarian and Czech menus." Aspiring food writers, go read about this guy. [NYT, Related]

Harold Dieterle’s First Book to Be Titled Harold Dieterle’s Kitchen Notebook

A new cookbook angle.

Andrew Friedman announced on Toqueland this morning that he and Dieterle have finally come up with a concept and title for Dieterle's first book. Harold Dieterle’s Kitchen Notebook will feature fully formed recipes — rooted in both Kin Shop and Perilla — on one page, with the opposite page featuring "the most potent and/or versatile element of the dish," along with "an essay about its charms." Think: ramp kim chee and spaetzle. Write on. [Toqueland]

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