Umami Burger Ubiquity Officially Spreads to O.C., Launches Tandoori Burger

Umami Burger at the Camp
Umami Burger at the Camp Photo: Umami Burger via Facebook

Umamicatessen, 800 Degrees, Red Medicine, U-Ko, U-Mini, and on and on it seems to go, as Adam Fleischman locks down yet another space for his rapidly propagating empire. This week, he’s back to his savorlicious burger juggernaut, as Umami Burger opened its seventh stand-alone SoCal outpost this weekend, with a new Umami for Costa Mesa this past Saturday (though it could very well be on to eight by the time we finish this post).

The newest member of the Umami family opened its doors in 2,500 square-feet of The Camp mall, the first stop before it makes its way to Anaheim and Laguna Beach, where Umamis are also planned to debut this summer.

According to O.C. Register, the new Umami is yet to break the seal on its taps, but it does have a few new novel touches, from “disposable china” plates made of bamboo and banana leaves and a Tandoori burger to honor its intersection, where Indian restaurants and a yoga center both reign, to a Japanese mural representing the five tastes using dragons and samurai. All of which begs the question of what a Laguna Beach or Anaheim burger might taste like. Here’s hoping the latter rocks mouse ears and a Vietnamese flavor profile.

Umami Burger, 2981 Bristol St. Costa Mesa. 714-957-2981.

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