Twenty Five Lusk Gets Another Design Honor

The design was by local architect Cass Calder Smith.
The design was by local architect Cass Calder Smith.Photo: Courtesy of Twenty Five Lusk

As you probably know by now, Twenty Five Lusk is a snazzy place. Very few restaurants opened in the last decade in San Francisco, in fact, have invested so much in their design, and this place is a good example of why local restaurateurs should take a cue from New York and L.A. and not skimp on their architecture. They just got yet another piece of national press, this time as part of a dozen new restaurant from around the world honored for having the best design, according to Architectural Digest — and they’re only one of four in the U.S., the others being Isa and Brushstroke in New York, and the Pump Room in Chicago. [Architectural Digest]