New Movie Alert: Trattoria, or How Opening a Restaurant in S.F. Is Hard

Anthony John Denison as grumpy chef Sal Sartini.
Anthony John Denison as grumpy chef Sal Sartini.

Remember how there was some action at the cursed space that is 500 Jackson last year that caused a bit of an internet stir but turned out to be just a set for a film? Well, that film is called Trattoria, and it’s a comedy, and it just showed at the Sonoma International Film Festival. And watching the trailer we’re thinking maybe the curse extends to fake restaurants too!

It’s still unclear if it will be getting a wide release, but what is clear is that someone (perhaps screenwriters Dawn Rich and Jason Wolos) who worked in the restaurant industry believed that a story about opening a restaurant — with all its stressing over critics, kvelling over tips, and wars between the front and back of house — would make for riveting cinema.

And didn’t they cover the risotto thing in Big Night? Anyway, we’ll try to keep an opening mind since we do enjoy seeing San Francisco on screen. Also, apparently, Elizabeth Falkner and Traci Des Jardins make cameos as themselves.

Watch the trailer for Trattoria, a restaurant movie set in San Francisco
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