Eight Tolerable Pieces of Food Art From ‘The Art of Cooking’ at Royal/T

Can't go wrong with KAWS, Smurfs, and hot dogs

It turns out that food art can be pretty bad, as we learned last Friday at Royal/T’s latest (and last in this space) exhibit “The Art of Cooking.” Works like a fleshy plush trumpet aside a McDonald’s cup and sculptures that look like your five-year-old nephew simply mashed his dinner together weren’t uncommon at the show’s reveal on Friday night, in addition to a Kenny Scharf that had little, if anything, to do with food (curator Hanne Mugaas swears the flying objects are donuts) and a screechy band that riffed on the theme of eating a single sandwich. Still, there were a few works we actually kind of liked looking at, such as Olaf Breuning’s googly-eyed tea kettle collection, Takeshi Murata’s dystopian version of Popeye, or Scott Reeder’s haunting look into a pot of pasta. Check out eight pieces we liked, plus a few of the crappier ones in this slide show look at Royal/T’s “Art of Cooking.”