Spend a Day in the Life of Stephanie Izard (And Her Adorable Puppy)

Stephanie Izard in Hulu's "A Day in the Life."
Stephanie Izard in Hulu's "A Day in the Life." Photo: courtesy Hulu

Hulu’s original series A Day in the Life hangs with Stephanie Izard for a day, from walking to work accompanied by her boyfriend and adorable puppy, through prep, menu development and service. Girl & the Goat is both a chef-driven restaurant and a big machine beyond any one person’s control, and it’s perhaps most interesting for showing how so many individuals (including a vegetarian butcher), basically in charge of their own areas, execute to a consistent vision. Or, it’s just fun as usual to hang with Izard, though she’s more serious and less bubbly here than you often see her. As far as food news goes, you’ll get some previews of the space and thinking behind her next project, The Little Goat Diner, across the street. (Unexpected factoid: The Little Goat’s total space is actually bigger than Girl & the Goat.) We wouldn’t say this is a revelatory piece about either Izard or running a restaurant, but it’s worth 24 minutes (plus commercials) for a well-made, unhypey (after the opening ticking-bomb music) behind-the-scenes look at one of our most popular restaurants. Watch it below.