Sotto Spotted in The New York Times

Sotto's margherita
Sotto's margherita Photo: Kevin Eats

The New York Times’ Travel Section may not be very savvy when it comes to L.A.’s Kosher Corridor, but it does manage to pick Sotto out of the “no man’s land” on Pico today. A positive appraisal of the Southern Italian retraces Steve Samson and Zach Pollack’s paths out of Grace, Sona, and Pizza Ortica, before critic Nick Czap goes nuts over the margherita pizza, “wonderfully molten in consistency, and licked with smoke from the oven’s dome.” Elsewhere, he finds that the duo’s spaghetti with sardines “suggest[s] both a deft grasp of the nuances of southern Italy’s culinary vernacular and a certain virtuosity.” [NYT]