Weird Foods: Eating the Embryonic Duck Eggs Known As Balut


If the graphic pink-slime photos of the past few weeks have put your appetite off, here's something to quell it further: Josh Ozersky has video of his recent experiment trying balut, the Filipino embryonic-duck-egg delicacy. Mr. Cutlets sits down with Maharlika's Nicole Ponseca and Noel Cruz while Ponseca walks him through the balut-eating process: first you consume the yolk, then the "Daffy Duck" portion (a partially formed, beaky baby fowl).* It's pretty, well, foul, squelchy sound effects included, and even Ponseca gets a little bit grossed out. Luckily, post-Daffy, there's a shot of gin followed by a shot of house-made vinegar, "like a pickle back," Ponseca says. File this alongside the bone luge for weird drinking rituals? Video below.

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*This post originally misidentified Noel Cruz.