How sbe Plans to Dominate the World

The world better have a cool shirt in its closet
The world better have a cool shirt in its closet Photo: ToastyKen via Flickr

Sam Nazarian is taking things well beyond the velvet rope, with an announcement that his company, sbe, has appointed a new dude to the top post of its international arm, with plans to impose locations of properties like Hyde, The Bazaar by Jose Andres, and Katsuya on China, India, Africa, Latin America, and Europe in the coming years.

First an SLS Hotel will open in South Beach next month, with New York and Vegas editions due in 2014. But of course, anyone who can get people to pay $400 for a bottle of Grey Goose isn’t dumb, and for its first international foray, sbe will follow the money to the Asia-Pacific region, intending to bring the hotel brand to Greater China and beyond.

But don’t worry, rest of the world, you can totally save your thanks for later. You’ll have plenty of time on the bus ride home after getting bouted at the door of Hyde Bandra.