Sam Wo Saved! [Updated]

David and Julie Ho at the hearing.
David and Julie Ho at the hearing. Photo: BloomTV

Sam Wo owner David Ho and his daughter Julie pleaded their case before the health department this morning in the hearing we mentioned yesterday. The restaurant closed Friday after multiple infractions from fire and health inspectors were too great to surmount, but Julie Ho sounded determined to fight to keep her family’s 100-plus-year-old restaurant in business. Now we get word that Sam Wo is, indeed, planning to reopen, but they’ve got a list of improvements that need to get made including the fixing of a fire escape, and the installation of a designated hand-washing sink. There are apparently more juicy details to come, probably regarding rodents and cockroaches, and we’ll update you whenever we hear of a possible reopening date. [Scoop, BloomTV/Twitter, Earlier, Earlier still] Update: The Chron has a full report from the hearing, including a moment in which one man stood up and said he ate there for 60 years and never got sick. [Chron]