Using Simple Arithmetic, Russ Parsons Debunks Publishers’ Perceived Prejudices Towards L.A.

Parsons Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Do New York publishers have a resistance to publishing cookbooks by L.A. chefs? In a rather emotional pitch for a book with David Myers thesis on how she’s been shut out on book projects with L.A. chefs she refuses to name, Parsons pal Laurie Winer answers in the affirmative. But then Parsons, who questions whether the article goes too far, simply starts adding up all the L.A.-centered books on his shelf, which includes seven from Silverton, three from Peel, an untold number by Puck, and various other toque tomes, including books from Suzanne Goin, John Sedlar, Akasha Richmond, Ludo, and Nobu. Case closed. Now maybe someone can tackle any potentially lingering James Beard Award bias towards our favorite chefs? [LAT]