When Did ‘Best Of’ Lists Get So Random?

The world's best ham-and-cheese? Really??
The world's best ham-and-cheese? Really?? Photo: Juan Monino/iStockphoto

Did you know that several of the world’s best sandwiches are lurking, little-known, in our very midst? According to Travel + Leisure, the globe’s choicest ham-and-cheese hails not from the heart of gai Paris, but rather … East 78th Street, at Lady M Cake Boutique (so says Martha Stewart, anyway). And possibly the top veggie burger on the planet (per Mike Myers) can be found on Rivington Street, at Tiny’s Giant Sandwich Shop. Who knew! Slightly more credibly, several of our city’s rooftop bars have been nominated by Departures as among the country’s best: Jimmy at the James, Top of the Strand, and the guests-only private garden on top of the Surrey. If this hasn’t sated your best-of tooth for today, we know another not-so-random ‘Best of’ list you should feel free to peruse, not to mention a pretty epic lineup of sandwiches. [Travel + Leisure, Departures]