Suddenly, Papparazzi Aren’t The Only Concern on The Ivy’s Doorstep

The Ivy
The Ivy Photo: Alan Light via Flickr

There’s always something going on outside of The Ivy, though until recently it was mostly limited to scumbag photographers angling for a shot of Jennifer Aniston picking through her salad (or whatever). Now NBC reports that the restaurant might have a more vocal swarm crowding its doorstep, as nearly two dozen protestors with Las Memorias, an organization dedicated to disease prevention in Latino communities affected by HIV and AIDS, rallied yesterday at the restaurant.

Yelling out, “The Ivy Restaurant discriminates against HIV positive workers” over lunch, the organization came together to protest the firing of a busboy now suing the restaurant, claiming he was let go after being diagnosed with HIV. While the employee is reportedly now homeless and broke, the restaurant’s owners deny knowing about his illness when he was fired.

Protesters Rally Around HIV-Positve Busboy Suing For Wrongful Termination [NBC]