It’s Really Over for the OtherSide

The OtherSide goes to the other side tomorrow night.
The OtherSide goes to the other side tomorrow night. Photo: Facebook/OtherSide

Yup, the OtherSide is really, truly closing tomorrow night, despite rumors to the contrary. As is so often the case with restaurants in their final throes, loyal patrons and staffers have taken to Facebook for a last hurrah that includes photos of servers in compromising positions and promises of free-flowing beer.

Dismayed patrons have joined forces Gargoyles-style to bid a fond farewell: “Another Boston institution down the drain to make way for the yuppies.” “Now hipsters will have no reason to cross the road.” “Come to Allston!” “what the hell??? you’d better be closing for real this time, so that i can officially start packing my bags… i’ve been looking for that last straw in boston for a while, and winter really let me down….!”

Regardless of your sentiments, one thing is certain: Beginning at 4 p.m. today, they’ll try to unload as much beer as possible on their patio, so stop by for a drink while supplies last.

The OtherSide [Facebook]

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