Oprah Winfrey Hits Scarpetta, Buys Homeless Man a Meal

"You get pasta! And you get pasta!"
"You get pasta! And you get pasta!" Photo: Alan Light via Flickr

Oprah Winfrey continues to be the closest thing America has to a real wizard, materializing new cars, free therapy, and fistfuls of cash for those in need with just a simple snap of her fingers. Today, “Page Six” reveals that Big O was recently eating a five-course dinner on the patio of Scarpetta in Beverly Hills with a few power players from her OWN Network. During the meal, a man approached and asked, “Oprah can you help a homeless guy get a bowl of soup, please?” Check this out: Instead of screaming for security, Oprah literally just said out loud, possibly to no one in particular, “Please, can we get him some money, get him a meal,” and lo, it was done. A tablemate immediately handed the dude a “wad of cash” and the restaurant began serving him. Now that’s magic. Then again, maybe it’s just Scarpetta that has people feeling generous, as similarly juicy Jay-Z dropped a $50,000 tip on the waitstaff here in August. [NYP]