New at Eataly: La Scuola Grande, Pranzo, Sunday Supper

La Scuola Grande.
La Scuola Grande. Photo: Eataly

Grub attended a Lidia Bastianich–hosted lunch/cooking class today at the spanking-new Scuola Grande, where the chef talked and made fare, like a spring-veggie-laden risotto and a swordfish over zucchini and capers, and we ate and learned a few cooking tips. It was a preview of a new program at the newly launched larger Scuola, dubbed Pranzo (“lunch”) — for 25 bucks you’ll be able to eat a two- or three-course meal while watching at least one of the dishes prepared in front of you. That’ll run Monday through Friday from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. when Pranzo launches in a week or two.

La Scuola’s roster of cooking classes will be expanded as well, including more “Food for Thought” sessions (many Lidia-led) that get into food anthropology and chemistry, plus vegetarian “Meatless Monday” classes. Also on the horizon: Sunday Suppers, $65 (or so) five-course meals lasting from noon to 7 p.m., paired with plenty of wine, certamente. Keep your eye on La Scuola’s website for more. [Earlier]