More People-Stuffed Empanadas in Brazil

They're made of people!
They're made of people! Photo: Melissa Hom

The gruesome news of the insane Brazilian pastry-makers who stuffed people into empanadas just got worse. Now Brazilian police are saying the Sweeney Todd-goes-samba trio may have killed five people in the northeast of the country, presumably disposing of their flesh in the same stomach-turning manner. That means a bunch of northern Brazilians are also likely cannibals, which is no doubt prompting the entire country to upchuck at this very moment. Incidentally, the horrific tale made the top Google searches over the past week, beating out even Pizza Hut’s hot-dog-stuffed crust. Not that we’re trying to give the chain any further ideas — sorry, now we have to go barf. [HuffPo, NYDN, Earlier]