M&M Ribs Makes Downtown Debut; Does Fast Food Cause Depression?


• Roxbury-based M&M; Ribs will set up a truck in Downtown Boston for the first time in 30 years. “I’m not excited about all the money I’ve got to pay, but I’m excited that people can get my food who’ve never had it,” says owner Moe Hill. Mo’ money, mo’ problems. [Herald]

• Here’s one more reason to avoid fast food: a study shows it’s linked to depression. So should we start calling them Unhappy Meals? [Telegraph UK]

• Speaking of, today Burger King launches changes a year in the making, adding smoothies, chicken strips, and snack wraps to its lineup. [WP]

• Serious flooding in Fiji has many trapped on the island’s resorts, some of which are starting to run low on food and water. [ABC AU]

• If you thought you were being responsible by choosing small fish like sardines over big ones, think again: a group of marine scientists is calling for fisheries to catch these so-called “forage fish” at half the current rate. [NYT]

• The USDA has opted not to ban the industrial chemical known as BPA (found in plastic water bottles and canned food), despite a petition from the Natural Resources Defense Council. [Salt/NPR]