Marcia Gagliardi Steps Into Food Role at 7x7

Ms. Hopper, er, Gagliardi.
Ms. Hopper, er, Gagliardi. Photo: Mathew Sumner

Marcia Gagliardi, known to many about town for much of the last decade as The Tablehopper, has just taken on a contributing editor role at 7x7 under new executive editor Chloe Harris. This news follows on the recent departure of longtime food editor Sara Deseran, who’s taken on a similar role at competitor publication San Francisco. As the Scoop reports, Ms. Gagliardi will be responsible for most of the Eat + Drink section of the mag, and her first issue will be the June “Best of SF” issue. For an example piece of writing outside her weekly newsletter, check out her San Francisco Diet from 2010, in which she explained her addiction to a certain morning cleansing beverage called Green Vibrance. And for those not in the know, her first name is pronounced not like the Brady sister, but like “Garcia.” [Scoop]