Did Magic Johnson Profit Off of Pink Slime?

We even have statues of the man
We even have statues of the man Photo: Edylin via Flickr

In Angeleño hearts and minds, Earvin “Magic” Johnson can really do no wrong, especially after freeing the Dodgers from the grip of pure evil. On the flip side, we like to imagine a very special circle of hell reserved for anyone who tries to force pink slime down the throats of an unknowing U.S. population. So it is with seriously conflicted emotions that we learn L.A.’s Magic-man is reportedly a partner, teamed with Ron Burkle’s Yucaipa Cos., in the beef-processing company AFA Foods Inc.; the same one that filed for bankruptcy protection this week in the wake of the pink-slime fallout. Say it ain’t so, Magic, say it ain’t so … [LAT]