Madame Chocolat Becomes A Lego Maniac

Chocolate Legos
Chocolate Legos Photo: Madame Chocolat

Despite being proud and out heathens, we still embrace Easter for one thing and one thing only: Chocolate! Beverly Hills chocolatier Hasty “Tasty” Torres, the confection artist known as Madame Chocolat, just debuted a new selection of crazy-ass designs this week to add to a collection that includes her chocolate high heels and chocolate-dipped Peeps, including wee chocolate children filled with cola and bubble gum ganache. Torres has also just revealed these edible playthings, colored chocolate Legos available in a six-piece of milk, dark, and white chocolates, packaged together for twelve dollars. Making the Lego masterpiece of your wildest fantasies is probably a little too expensive (and fast-melting) to assemble, so stuffing your face with them is still the best option.

Madame Chocolat, 212 North Canon Dr. Beverly Hills. 310-247-9990.