Lucky Devil’s Gutted for Remodel, New Bar, and Draft Wine

The Whammie's Satanic side?
The Whammie's Satanic side? Photo: Lucky Devil's

This morning a trusty reader sends word that Lucky Vanous’ Hollywood burger joint Lucky Devil’s was found unexpectedly shuttered and gutted during a recent attempt to chow down there. A sign on the shuttered business’s door indicates a remodel is taking place, corroborated by Facebook photos that show reworkings of the walls and fixtures. The business is in the process of making way for a selection of draft wines, along with a bigger beer list, at a brand new bar currently going into the space. Apparently, the eatery closed for the facelift on March 25, with eyes on this Friday for a reopening, though as one Chowhounder pointed out last night, “that would be quite an accomplishment seeing the state of the space yesterday.” [Earlier]