L.A. Restaurants After The Riots

A KTown rebound
A KTown rebound Photo: Sewena via Flickr

“After the riots, L.A.’s insularity somehow fostered restaurants with a strength of purpose, even stronger and more specific than they had previously been. Mainstream restaurants began to find their inspiration within L.A.’s communities rather than outside them. You began to see chefs congregating at places like Guelaguetza and Sapp on their days off, and the standard Los Angeles style of service grew to become more like the shared-plates meals at local Japanese izakaya, or Thai coffee shops, or Korean pubs, or Mexican botana bars — almost as a sign of L.A. cultural literacy, but perhaps something more.” — Jonathan Gold, on the evolution of local restaurants following L.A.’s 1992 riots, part of the paper’s ongoing series exploring the event’s impact. [LAT]