Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Date Across Town; Cameron Diaz Hits Salinas

OMG!! Photo: Jackson Lee / Splash News

Well, there you have it, world: Kanye and Kim are a thing. Some may say their uncontrollable egos spell disaster down the road, but why be so pessimistic? Maybe they are the perfect match — after all, Kim is one of the special five people Kanye follows on Twitter. Anyway, the hot “couple” (can we call them that yet?) not only dined at Cafeteria last night, but had a follow-up date this morning. We know what that means … Other celebrities did some stuff with food this week too, like Cameron Diaz attending a private dinner at Salinas, but really, does anyone care? Kanye and Kim! Kayim? Kimye? KK? Details and more celebrity sightings, straight ahead.

Cabin Down Below: Scarlett Johansson kicked it with her boyfriend, Nate Naylor, in the East Village with indie band the Naked and Famous sitting at the next table. [People]
Cafeteria: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian enjoyed the new private dining room and had themselves fried chicken and waffles. [Grub Street]
GoldBar: Mary J. Blige and Taraji P. Henson danced the night away. [Page Six/NYP]
Lansky’s Deli: Zach Woods — or as you probably know him, creepy Gabe from The Office — stopped by the Upper West Side standby for a bite. [Grub Street]
The Pierre: During a fund-raising auction for the Rainforest Fund, Sting jumped on his chair and “wiggled” his butt. The crowd enjoyed it, as one woman hooted, “Look at that booty!” [Page Six/NYP]
Salinas: Cameron Diaz joined a private dinner in Chelsea last Saturday, wearing a bright top and chain-mail jacket. [Grub Street]
Serafina: Kanye and Kim followed their date from last night with lunch today on the Upper East Side. Two dates in less than 24 hours. [TMZ]
Top of the Standard: Many folks made it out to the premiere of HBO’s new show Girls the other night, including Kevin Bacon, Claire Danes, and more, partying “well past midnight.” [People]