John Sedlar Revisits Mother Russia at Rivera

Ешь вволю, пей в меру
Ешь вволю, пей в меру Photo: ZeeWeez via Flickr

While we continue to tinker with our own birria-borscht hybrids at home, John Sedlar is honoring Mother Russia at Rivera with a $70, May 2 menu available today to Blackboard Eats subscribers. The chef is celebrating “the end of Communism” with cocktails of Russian vodka (but probably stolen from the Poles) and blood orange, along with a trio of vodka-cured salmon with piroshkis and borscht, salmon stroganoff, and a shout-out to Nevsky Prospect using beets, blood orange, and cucumber ice.

The dinner closes with a “chicken KGB” bearing bacon-studded kasha and end on a chocolate Faberge egg. The red repast is influenced by Sedlar’s own experiences in Moscow when he was invited to march in the city’s Peace Victory Parade 20 years ago and formed an enduring friendship with a woman he still keeps in touch with. Sorry, no pig’s feet, no sour cream, and no raw bacon, but then there’s always Little Odessa. [BBE]