Jeremy Tooker of Four Barrel Talks About the New Bakery, Not Being Too Hipster


The unapologetically hip kids over at American Hipster (we keep wanting to call it This American Hipster, but we digress) just released this video interview with Jeremy Tooker, the man behind one of the Mission’s two most hipsterish coffee emporiums, Four Barrel. He talks about trying to make things feel less snotty since they opened — “Definitely we had some pretty bad customer service,” he admits, and we quickly flash to this hilarious spoof video as evidence. Also, he shows off the four-barrel mini roasting contraption that they use for testing out different roasts on the beans, hence the name.

And he and business partner Josey Baker talk about the still unnamed café and bakery they’re getting ready to open up at 736 Divisadero, which Tooker wants to feel totally separate from Four Barrel. (But what about the ramen joint?)

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