Jason Santos Announces ‘Superhero Brunch’

Now where did I put my cape?
Now where did I put my cape?

Well, this ought to wake us up on a Sunday morning: The aqua-maned force behind Blue Inc. has decided to launch a brunch with a superhero theme. Per a release, guests will “find a dining room decorated in full superhero regalia and a staff in complete superhero costumes.”

After receiving a mug of coffee from “Coffeeman” (somehow we missed him on Saturday morning TV), we can ease into something called the “Superman” brunch entrée (eggs, cheese, waffle fries, bacon, sausage gravy) and pair it with a Kryptonians Delight (Tanqueray, Green Chartreuse, Mint & Lime, Kryptonite), which is evidently the ultimate hangover remedy. Also on offer: Mistique’s Mimosas, a flight of “bizarre transforming mimosas.” Maybe we’re still hallucinating from last night?

The brunch officially kicks off in May but there’s a sneak preview during dinner service on Monday, April 30, complete with tickets to see The Avengers.