Jason Owens Will Open a Davis Square Restaurant in June

Will Owens's new restaurant become a Davis mainstay?
Will Owens's new restaurant become a Davis mainstay?Photo: The Modern Boston

Happy news for Somervillians: Grub Street hears that Jason Owens, the founder of Southie’s Local 149, will open an American restaurant with Southern influences in Davis Square. The restaurant, whose exact location and name has yet to be revealed, will open in June.

Owens has been pretty busy lately: He’s also launching a gourmet market (with beer and wine!) in Fort Point, and he’s planning to open a much larger concept downtown at some point this year. He also just had a baby.

He does have one fewer project on his plate, though, as he departed Local 149 in late January to focus on these new endeavors. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.