Jason Neroni Leading Superba Snack Bar in Venice, Lends a Hand to Pitfire Pizza

Superba Snack Bar
Superba Snack Bar Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Last month, Yo Venice! unveiled the under construction facade of Superba Snack Bar, a new restaurant coming to poised-to-explode Rose Avenue. After seeing some crudely scrawled signage hit the place, we somehow only just put two and two together to get Jason Neroni, the storied chef who recently bailed Osteria La Buca. According to the chef’s tweets, it appears that Superba is the project he’ll be cooking at next, as he recently announced “Superba Snack Bar is out of the bag” and later tweeted a photo of what it could look like inside.

In other Neroni news, Slice reports that the chef has been adding a few new pies to Pitfire Pizza, working alongside exec chef Michael Ainslee on pies like the jalapeno, burrata, and pineapple-topped “Hula Hoop” and a potato-laced “Spudnik,” available this week at all six stores.

Superba Snack Bar, coming to 533 Rose Ave. Venice.