Kosher (Sausage) for Passover

Why, yes, that is some Kosher sausage.
Why, yes, that is some Kosher sausage.Photo: Jack's Gourmet Kosher

Sausage, in all its porky goodness, has not generally been part of a Kosher diet — until now. The Daily News has the story on a pair of Crown Heights entrepreneurs who’ve rolled out Jack’s Gourmet Spicy Southwestern and Beef Kielbasa links — available in ShopRite chains and Kosher grocery stores nationwide — just in time for Passover. “Never in the history of Passover have Jews had sausage,” claims co-creator Jack Silberstein. Pair it with the holiday’s traditional brisket and you’re two thirds of the way to a barbecue platter; just skip the side of bread. Happy Passover, y’all. [NYDN]