Apparently Hungry Mother Really Wanted to Win Munch Madness


Kendall Square’s favorite Southern restaurant has won the Globe’s Munch Madness competition for the second year in a row. How? By intimidating the opponents via a simple system of passive-aggression, of course.

The Globe reports that the pranksters at Hungry Mother “got a bit cocky” and sent a sympathy bouquet to their primary nemesis, Craigie on Main. “The card read: You deserve happiness instead of heartbreak, peace instead of pain… . May time help to ease your grief and bring you the happiness and peace that you deserve.” Apparently the Hungry Mother staff even hand-wrote a message: “Dear Tony [Maws] and staff — With our deepest sympathy on coming in second place in 2012 Munch Madness. You’re still #1 in our hearts. Love, Hungry Mother.”

Icy! Just the same, winning the Globe’s just-for-fun restaurant competition is nice and all, but at least Craigie still has that Bon Appetit cover to fall back on.

Another Madness Win [Globe]