More Details About Hakkasan, Opening Downtown Later This Year

Hakkasan's new multi-million-dollar NY location.
Hakkasan's new multi-million-dollar NY location. Photo: Melissa Hom/NY Mag

Hakkasan, if you did not know, is kind of a big deal in London. The Michelin-starred, very upscale Chinese chain just opened a 200-seat location in New York, and today the Chron gets a few more details about their previously announced San Francisco expansion, which is due by early winter on the second floor at 1 Kearny Street. Richard Miyashiro, a local industry vet, is working as projects operations director for Hakkasan, and he says he’s aware that San Franciscans are “sophisticated … and can see through the smoke and mirrors” of a too-slick corporate restaurant. Still, he feels like there’s a void to be filled here at the upper end of Asian cuisine, and that Hakkasan is going to do it. Expect to be dazzled, in other words, and expect them to be dropping a lot of cash on the design. [Chron, Earlier]