Breaking News From the Grilled Cheese Desk

Help pick the best grilled cheese in Cheeseheadland.
Help pick the best grilled cheese in Cheeseheadland. Photo: courtesy Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board

Hold the panini presses, we’ve got grilled cheese news! So apparently tomorrow is National Grilled Cheese Day, because American kids eat way too f’ing much chawanmushi or something and they need governmental help rediscovering grilled cheese. Anyway, we have two grilled cheese items to share. Number one: Rockit Burger Bar will celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day with a burger. Wait, what? Okay, it’s this thing called The Heart Attack, a black angus patty sandwiched between two grilled cheese sandwiches. (The idea originated at Rockit’s The Underground.) That’s the kind of American ingenuity that faked putting a man on the moon, and we need more of it.

But if that’s too radical for you, if that blows your mind just too hard to even stand, here’s an even greater tribute to the indomitable spirit of grilled cheese: The First Annual Wisconsin Grilled Cheese Championship. 60 competitors will challenge each other for the title of best grilled cheese sandwich in the cheese state in several different categories (classic, dessert, etc.). It’s Saturday April 21, at the Iowa County fairgrounds in Mineral Point (about 3 hours away); general admission tickets are free but they recommend pre-registering.