Joan’s on Third Makes Gayle King Quote Tyler Perry

"Halla-loo-yer!" Photo: Greg in Hollywood via Flickr

Dropping mañana, the next issue of Oprah’s O magazine is, as you’d likely expect, mostly devoid of information regarding L.A.’s restaurants and chefs. That is, right up to the point when editor-at-large and woman-behind-the-woman, Gayle King, drops a juicy endorsement of Joan’s on Third while discussing her “favorite things.” King says, “I salute the gourmet food shop Joan’s on Third in Los Angeles for their inventive use of - wait for it - raisin bread with heavenly melted goat cheese and fig preserves. To steal a line from my friend Tyler Perry, halla-loo-yer!” Hopefully the restaurant is steeling itself for tomorrow’s massive Oprah bump.