Fresh and Easy Hopes to Siphon Cash From Venice’s Whole Foods Budget

Fresh & Easy
Fresh & Easy Photo: Eurofruit, Asiafruit, and Americafruit Magazines via Flickr

We tend to think of Venice in terms of pre-and-post Whole Foods ages, seeing as the organic supermarket first broke the tap on a deluge of yuppies now swarming Rose Ave., flirting and spending, sans abandon, in a former strip mall of ill repute. Yo Venice! reports that Fresh & Easy, last seen choking on its path to become a green grocery giant in the U.S., is overtaking the former Mercedes dealership at Lincoln and Washington. While it probably won’t sway horny housewives from those hot Whole Foods’ cheesemongers or make boozy boyfriends stray from the beer bar, it could make Lincoln’s long corridor a little easier on the eyes, minus one of its many unsightly auto dealerships and repair shops. [Yo Venice]