Fast Food Linked to Depression; Bice Returns From the Brink

Here's one more reason to avoid fast food: A study shows it's linked to depression. So should we start calling them Unhappy Meals? [Telegraph UK]

Speaking of, today Burger King launches changes a year in the making, adding smoothies, chicken strips, and snack wraps to its lineup. [WP]

If you thought you were being responsible by choosing small fish like sardines over big ones, think again: A group of marine scientists is calling for fisheries to catch these so-called "forage fish" at half the current rate. [NYT]

The FDA has opted not to ban the industrial chemical known as BPA (found in plastic water bottles and canned food), despite a petition from the Natural Resources Defense Council. [Salt/NPR]

Once-hot midtown trattoria Bice had a near-death experience last week, but its return from the brink could be a model for other restaurants. [Crain's]

The 99-cent pizza war is escalating, people, and in a very New York way. Have you noticed there are now 75-cent slices? Where will it end? [NYT]

Serious flooding in Fiji has many trapped on the island's resorts, some of which are starting to run low on food and water. [ABC AU]