Oh Man, Doritos Tacos Are a Big Hit

The taco that saved Taco Bell.
The taco that saved Taco Bell. Photo: Courtesy of Taco Bell

When news broke that Taco Bell would roll out a taco in an oversized Doritos shell, Grub wondered whether it was an abomination or a stroke of genius. Well, the verdict’s in, and it looks like it is indeed genius. The AP reports that since introducing the bright-orange junk-food mashup, the chain has seen sales soar, putting it back in the black for the first time since questions about the authenticity of its beef fillings first surfaced. Parent company Yum Brands Inc.’s CFO Rick Carucci says that recent double-digit sales growth can be directly attributed to the Doritos taco. Which means: Get ready for Cheetos-stuffed burritos any day now. [AP via Action News Philly; Earlier]